What’s All This, Then?

So. I'm a typical grad-school dropout who, having just left a decade as a stuntman in the film industry, went back to school. I was neck-deep in research papers on thanatology, ancient religion, the phytochemistry of psychobotanicals, trance states, cult revivalism, & ethnobotany when I realized: I should do a podcast. Mostly, I wanted a good way to archive all the interviews I was doing with ex-priests, modern heathens, people who grew up voudou, etc. At first, all the people I was interviewing were people that I knew, friends, relatives, co-workers. Then friends-of-friends started to jump into the mix, then I started reaching out to people I read about in the news. Then people started to come to me on their own.

Things are pretty happily spinning out of control, and while I'm interviewing people as quickly as time allows, I can only upload episodes as far as I can afford bandwith per month. So despite the necessity of having only two episodes a month, there will happily be many months of episodes to come. It's a great ride so far, and I'm exited to see where it goes, so long as people keep listening here and on iTunes. Please reach out to me! Just to let me know I'm not screaming unheard into the void, haha. I'm always down for a chat, either way, so please feel free to drop me a line at drinkingwithgod@gmail.com

Y'all stay weird out there.

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