Sex, Death, & Rock n’ Roll

July 3rd, 2017


This week we're having a drink with Nick Tanek, to talk about his latest book The Coolest Way to Kill Yourself, and how one mourns a partner coming out of the intensity of a BDSM relationship. We also go into some detail of death and mourning in the 90s rave scene that Tanek grew up in, and the ritual aspects of both kink and rave culture. Music references abound as we chat about how he was able to find his zen---and love---in the thick of all the crazy shit he's been through.

You can check out Nick's website here at The Coolest Way. And you can reach out to him on FetLife.

Referenced in the episode was another show on the Podcast-Jukebox network: Off The Cuffs, as well as several bands (some of which you can find here).

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Theme music credit: "Do You Know (What I Mean)?" by the now disbanded Jump Up Move Over

*in this episode the host's drunken Latin was a grarbled mess and Drinks With God sincerely apologizes.

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