The Charms of Crone School

May 2nd, 2017


This week we chat with the latest in a long line of CRONES! Alright, that's not quite it. Our guest this week comes from a family tradition that's a blend of Stregheria and la Veccia Religione (the former of which is an Italian folk tradition heavily based in Catholicism, the latter of which is an Italian-American revivalist religion that borrows heavily from Streghe, but also has many Wiccan elements). She talks about her family structure, how and what she and her relatives do, and we try very hard to stay awake despite sleep deprivation! Check it out!

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For more information on Streghe, check out the work of Sabina Magliocco! For more information on la Vecchia Religione, check out the work of Raven Grimassi!

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